10кВ системаи офтобӣ

A 10kw solar system is an efficient energy solution that captures sunlight through solar panels and converts it into electricity, providing stable and reliable power for your home or business. This system not only reduces dependence on traditional energy sources but also significantly lowers electricity costs, contributing to environmental protection.

SEL 10kw Solar System

The future of smart energy solutions. Our system employs the most advanced technology to deliver reliable and efficient energy for your home or business. Choose SEL for a greener, brighter future!

Ҷузъҳои система:

  • Панелҳои офтобӣ: Six high-efficiency 550w panels ensure maximum energy capture.
  • MPPT Solar Inverter: One intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking inverter enhances system efficiency.
  • кабелҳои: Two sets of high-quality cables ensure safe and stable energy transmission.
  • Solar Mounting Kit: One sturdy and easy-to-install kit.
  • Батареяи офтобии LiFePO4: One set of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries provides a lasting energy storage solution.

10kw Solar System Cost

The SEL 10kw solar system is not only a powerful energy solution but also an economical choice at a cost of just over $5000. It provides long-term energy savings for both residential and commercial use, offering stable and reliable power while reducing energy expenses.

10kw Off-Grid Solar System

SEL’s 10kw off-grid solar system is the perfect choice for those seeking an independent energy solution. Our system includes high-efficiency solar panels, an intelligent MPPT inverter, high-quality cables, a sturdy mounting kit, and long-life LiFePO4 batteries, ensuring continuous power supply even without grid access.

10kw Solar System with Battery Backup

A 10kw solar system with battery backup ensures that your appliances keep running even in low sunlight or during grid outages. This system is especially suitable for users who require a high degree of energy self-sufficiency.

Барномаҳои энергетикӣ

The SEL 10kw solar system can support a variety of household appliances, including high-power devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. It also provides stable energy for daily use electronics such as computers, TVs, and lighting. Whether for residential or commercial purposes, SEL’s solar system meets your energy needs.

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